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Red Line Report Partners with Sport Testing Inc. to help find hockey’s future greats! December 17, 2014

TORONTO, ON – Today Kyle Woodlief, the owner and president of Red Line Report, the hockey industry’s acknowledged leader in scouting information, has announced an official partnership with Sport Testing Inc., the industry leader in athletic assessment and data management.

Commencing in spring of 2015, Red Line will be enhancing its scouting reports by hosting a five city, invitation-only combine tour. At each city stop, one hundred amateur hockey players will be invited to attend the 1-day test session executed by Sport Testing Inc. Each combine will include a series of sport-specific on- and off-ice tests, as well as a 45 minute seminar with the staff of Red Line Report.

Utilizing Sport Testing’s technology and hockey testing solution, Red Line will be able to obtain unique and detailed skill and fitness metrics on each attendee from the series of events. This specific and valuable information will enable Red Line to create a more comprehensive report on hockey’s future prospects, allowing them to remain and enhance their leadership in the hockey scouting industry.

“We are pleased to be working with Kyle and his team. They have proven over the years to be the best scouting service in the business. With this specific athletic data they can improve their scouting analysis and better predict future success of an athlete,” said Jonathon Hollins, President of Sport Testing Inc.

“We view this new partnership with Sport Testing as a real advancement in our scouting process, and a competitive advantage for our clients,” said Kyle Woodlief, president of Red Line Report. “Using Sport Testing’s cutting edge technology, Red Line will be able to identify specific markers that lead to success on the ice, as well as track year-to-year improvements in performance,” Woodlief noted.

About Red Line Report

Red Line Report, run by former NHL scout Kyle Woodlief, has been widely acknowledged as the premiere scouting service in the industry for the past 22 years, and their current client list includes all 30 NHL clubs, nearly 50 CHL teams, numerous U.S. Colleges, and nearly 70 agents throughout North America and Europe.

About Sport Testing Inc.

Sport Testing Inc. is the industry leader in athletic data management software and assessment hardware. High-precision systems reveal true strengths and weaknesses to show any athlete exactly where they stand, giving a blueprint for real improvement. Real-time testing results and online analytics allow athletes and coaches to adjust training using unbiased data, not guesswork. Sport Testing is positioned to become the SAT of athletic performance and the most reliable source for performance data. For more information: <>

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